Fancy Little Mice Mousery

Small Animal Breeder


*Standard mice of any color -Normal- (Pet Quality Only!)  

    *$6 each (two or more $5 each)

*English mice of any color- Large- (Show Quality Only!)   

    *$10 each (two or more $8 each)

*Longhairs & Rex type (Pet/Breeder Quality)   

   *$8 each (two or more $7 each)

*Satins, Siamese, Himalayan, and Beige Points (Breeder/Pet Quality)   

    *$9 each (two or more $7 each)

*Hairless or Frizzies (Pet/Breeder)   

    *$10 each (rare to aquire in litters)(two or more $8 each)

*Albinos (Pet only!)                                   

    *$4 each (bred to carry Himalayan or Blue Dilute)

     *$4 each ( bred to carry patterned or aqouti)

*BEW (Black eyed white)                      

    *$8 each (very rare to aquire in litters)


*Feeder Adults........................ $3 each. 

*Feeder Hoppers.....................$2 each.

*Feeder Pinkies....................$1.50 each. 

(Snake food- can be bought live or humanely frozen)

 {Please note that prices will change due to individual mice offered for sale, also inform me weither you are purchasing Pet or Breeder Quality!}

What's included with my mouse?

*A care sheet- *limited*

*Sample of current food

*Business card in case of contact


I do not sell my fancy mice as feeders: I take the time and effort to make sure my mice are healthy, happy, human loving companions.... NOT SNACKS FOR SNAKES.

If you want feeders please inform me.. otherwise go to a petstore and aquire.