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SOLD!!! 2007 - Pics will be saved for future reference. I AM NO LONGER SELLING RATS!


A picture of a Black Variberk female and a Himalayan Albino male. They truely love their pics taken. Taken on 1/20/08


This was taken at their baby stage. All the rats pictured here was born on 12/12/07. This picture was taken on 12/31/07.

A cute picture of Sam, Dora, and Chunk. They are all keeping warm over the undertank heater I installed before they were removed from the larger cage.

A male rat (looking) with another male rat (hiding). It's so much easier taking photos with them in the cage; they feel more relaxed, and it's in their natural home. That way you can wait to get the perfect shot instead of holding them and scaring the b-jesus out off them with the flash of the camera, while holding them... it's just plain crazy!

For those who don't like red eyes, what's your problem? They don't make a rat or mouse scary. Nor evil, or demonic. It's a way of nature making the eye loose it's color/pigment. These rats might look mean- but their loving companions, and are very friendly. They will gain their points in age, these are Himalayan Albinos. Himalayans take a while to recieve their points, molting is when their coat starts to get darker. That's why breeders wait a while in selling Siamese or Himalayans in order to show the customer they are indeed Siamese/ Himalayan!

A picture of good ol' dad! Stimpy is a Black eyed, Silver Hooded Merle'.

A not so good pic of Star (MOM). This type is called a Seal Point Siamese. Star doesn't like her picture taken and actually tries to jump up and bite you when you do! I had to open the cage door in order to take this. HAHA Star. Gotcha! She is sold and is enjoying life in the comfort of a rat loving family.

And now it's time to say goodbye to the rats!!!!!