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Updates involving small animal friends:


I have recently aquired a Black Self Male (carrying chinchilla and longhair) and a Siamese Female. I will be starting a NEW breeding program with them as well introducing them to the other mice, look forward into upcoming litters of Blues, Siamese, and Beige Points.

There's also a Hairless pair, and a couple pairs of Brindles. Any litters born by these mice will be placed in the Current Litters page. Out of the Brindles I will be going for White Tigers, Orange Tigers, and Blues. For the Hairless, I will be trying to get Show into the gene pool so look forward in the updates for large hairless mice. Any new mice aquired at this time are NOT for sale.

Hampster Update: Beginning 09/21/2011

Teddy Bear, Russian Dwarfs, and Winter Whites in the thought process for a breeding program... if interested in hampster adults or their offspring please look in the contact me page of my website, there you can ask me questions about purchasing them and picking them up.

** I will not ship them, only mice, if you DO want me to ship the minimum of 4 hampsters, I will personally drive them to you, at buyers expense see my shipping page for details. I will not ship nor drive to you if only purchasing one, come to me if your only purchasing one.

***** I am No Longer Breeding Hamsters'....

                  Sorry for the Inconvenience

               Ended 04/10/2012: Not my Hobby.

Gerbil Update: Beginning 11/10/2014

This is the date that I will begin breeding my Siamese and Black Self Gerbils and get a good number of Pet and Breeder Quality gerbils for the average breeders and beginners out there.

** I have future intentions of acquiring Siamese Seal Points, Himalayans, Black Selfs, Burmese Points and Selfs, also Chinchilla. These are my main stock and preferred variations.

** I also have in mind breeding Basic colors, Color Point Black (Burmese), Light Color Point (Siamese/Grey Agouti), the Pastel Coats (Himalayan/PEW), and the Blues/Dilutes. When I have the time I will post some photos of the babies and their parents., if interested in other photos of them besides posted ones send me a text or find me on Facebook and I will do so ASAP.