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Available Teenagers and Adults:

~~~ I have at the moment a group of Albinos PEW carrying Himalayan and Siamese.. of the age of 2 months.

As of 01/19/2012, there's an  increased stock of mice readily at hand to leave the nest. I have said before in the Home page that there will be pics of available mice, please go to the Current Litters- Mice page to pick from litters. 

A picture of an Argente' English Show Quality female with a Silver Satin English Pet Quality female. *Adults!                       -Both are Sold-

A group photo of a Blue-Tan dilute female (in red dish), a Champagne female (right), and a Black Tan female in background. *These are teenagers! There are more mice available like these shown.... There are 2 Blue-Tan dilute females, and 2 Siamese Sable males. (Aqouti mice are the wild mouse colored ones but these ones have red in the coats.)         -All are Sold-

A picture of a Frizzie male (on tube) and an Chocolate Blaze standard male. *Adults!

*The Frizzie is SOLD! The Chocolate Blaze is SOLD!

On the current litters page there are some more available mice to buy, as well reserve for new arriving litters.