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 My favorite mouse Squeaky! She has been with me for 2 years now, this is one of four litters she's had so far. Squeaky is daughter to Cinnamon and AFuji. Squeaky has passed away, sadly. 2008.

A picture of Squeaky's mother (Cinnamon) and her father (AFuji). They both are deceased now. Cinnamon mothered 13 babies in 3 litters, making her a remarkable mother. Squeaky has mothered a total of 23 babies in 4 litters, also a remarkable mother as well. She is still holding strong and is/has been the top female in the cage holding her rank as her mother did.


This is Artec, one of my English males. He is a son to the first biggest male English mouse I had ever owned. Big Boy was his father and was a show quality mouse. He unfortunatly died unexpectedly! He was purchased at a Pet Supplies Petstore.

Big Moma was one of my first largest female English Show. She was from Steves Wonderful World and was pregnate when I bought her. She had 8 babies all different colors: black, grey, agouti, and one white. Some were English others pet quality.

Let me tell you a little about myself...


My name is Crystal Ray and I live in Lockport, NY. I have ran my business in breeding Fancy and English show/pet quality mice for almost 7 years now.  I am always posting updates and new pics for my website and also will make a weblink for photos of available mice. I'm an animal lover and have a high interest in becoming a Veterinary Technician someday, I am currently going to NCCC for Animal Management a 2 Year College. Then transfering to Medille College for Veterinary Technician. So far I have a Veterinarian Assistant/Animal Care Certificate and have been studying genetics for 3 years. I have accomplished many varieties of mice coloration, patterns, size and mutations. Currently I am developing hairless mice with multiple strains, and will soon be selling them.

What's happenin at Fancy Little Mice:

Well let's put it simple.... babies! There are baby mice in this world again. Yeah!!!  They are all hand tamed and very energetic. I hold my mice throughout their life's stages from bean to teen. They are ready to go after the weaning stage, seperation, and say their goodbyes. But yes they are well tempered and don't bite. I can guarantee you that! They range in many colors, body size, ear size, and tail size. They're either in longhair coat or standard coat.. I am also breeding the rare Satins. As well English Show Qualities and all Siamese, Himalayan, and Seal Points.

One of my Himalayan pet quality mice.There are Siamese and Seal Points also. A tough breed to aquire and control set points. All Siamese, Himalayans, and Seal Points are well thought thru when it comes to selection.

This here was one of my Blue Slate Siamese Seal Points I had, she was sold to another breeder in Rochester, NY. Solid coloration, well developed points, and perfect ear, tail, and nose highlights.

If anyone was wondering exactly what a bean or pinky is, it's a baby mouse. The above picture shows a few with mother and father. The Female is a Seal Point Siamese and the male is a Sable Aqouti. Believe me the babies grow fast and become little angels when they get bigger. As long as you hold them occasionally and they get used to your scent- you'll have a friend forever. I hold my baby mice from the 3rd day of birth to teenager, I have done this for four years and the mothers never had eaten their young. So they must trust me enough. Plus as I have done this enough, they're used to it.

This is Oreo, my only Dutch male mouse I had... he died unexpectedly due to choking. Behind him is Squeaky, his first and only love. I was hurt when I found him dead. Though he isn't the first mouse that died early from natural causes. Such things happen!



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